Thank you TasNetworks

29 October 2021

Palliative Care Tasmania (PCT) would like to acknowledge the generous support of TasNetworks and the inaugural TasNetworks Resilient Communities Grants Program.

TasNetworks plays an important role in the Tasmanian community and they are committed to making a positive difference.   TasNetworks recognise the importance of resilience and how this can better equip people to respond to and recover from emerging challenges.

The Resilient Communities Grants Program grant provided PCT $5000 to assist in building resilient communities by developing this  online resource which enables GP’s to navigate more easily to services in their region, including referral criteria, enabling access to all current relevant information and links.

PCT strongly advocated that the certainty that comes with access to information, and strong referral pathways provided to a GP, the patient and their families is the cornerstone of resilience.

The TasNetworks Resilience Grant has enabled PCT develop and digitise this portal so that it is fit-for-purpose and can be utilised with patients during consultations if needed.

Without the financial support of TasNetworks, this simply would not have been possible.  Thank you.


GP Portal 4